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Better Than Fine

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Written by Meg Braun & Sally Barris


You can leave me in the dust
Stranded in the ruins
Forsaken, broken down
Without a rescue

Gonna take a minute
I might even cry
Then I’ll pick myself up
Give love one more try

And I’ll be better than fine
Even if the stars never align
I’m gonna walk a path that’s mine
I’ll be more than okay, more than just survive
I’m going to be better than fine

I did everything right
And it all still fell apart
I gave the best of myself
Walked away with a broken heart

I may never find the one
In this uncertain life
But I’m not gonna give up
On giving love one more try

more than okay
more than survive
more than getting through
more than getting by
I’ve been down before
so I know there’s something more
I come back every time