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Meg Braun: MUSIC

The Leaving Kind

(Meg Braun)
April 26, 2015
Meg Braun

He said he could see it in my eyes

Just like his, they had that far off shine

One day I would know what leaving is

My daddy said as he walked out that last time


People like us live life with one foot out the door

Dreaming and scheming for the fortunes we might find

People like us were made to always want more

We are the leaving kind


When I turned 17 I showed mama he was right

Took her car and drove away after another fight

Never looked back, I had to be free

No regular dreams and wishes would ever fit me


I couldn't spend my days and nights in one place

Same streets, shops and faces would make me lose my mind

My daddy knew it then I knew I was a hopeless case

I was the leaving kind, I am the leaving kind



So you see its not you it’s me

Been a wanderer since that prophesy

You can promise me the stars, not even love can make me stay

Sorry baby, it’s just my way, it’s my way


I've always lived my life with one foot out the door

Never could stay too long or leave too much behind

I was made to be looking for something more

I am the leaving kind