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Meg Braun: MUSIC

Oh My Lorraine

(Meg Braun)
April 26, 2015
Meg Braun

Lorraine, turn around walk away right now

Don't want you to see me say good-bye today

Lorraine, oh my Lorraine


Lorraine, I am bent, I am broken, I am spent

Can't let your words and tears make me sway

Lorraine, oh my Lorraine


Remember me when apple blossoms bloom

The flower that reminds me of you

Remember me when the red-breasted robin sings

I'll send you his song in the spring

Oh my Lorraine


Lorraine, there’s no peace, the devil haunts my sleep

I’m down on my knees, but I can't pray

Lorraine, Oh my Lorraine


Lorraine, please forgive, for my soul you must live

When my ashes are scattered and blown away

Lorraine, oh my Lorraine


Remember me among the white pine trees

As they grow to the sky where I'll be

Remember me under the shooting stars

I will be forever where you are

Oh my Lorraine