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Meg Braun: MUSIC

I Never Asked

(Meg Braun)
April 26, 2015
Meg Braun

I don’t understand the whispered prayers that land at my feet

Oh Blessed One, the mother of God's Son who intercedes

You dress me all in blue as if somehow that hue claims my innocence

And how you paint my face, serene and full of grace, to show no discontent


I never asked to be holy

To be raised above the lowly

I was just a child, just a child


I held him in my arms, protected him from harm though I always knew

He was never mine, he belonged to time and some kind of truth

What do you think I know, what wisdom can I show your misery

If I was good and pure, I was as unsure in my own disbelief


I never asked to be his mother

To raise this child like no other

I was a child too, just a child


You glorify his name and sanctify his claim to a holy crown

Death did not win, he triumphed over sin, let the trumpets sound

If he escaped the grave, if somehow he was saved and set free

Walked again on this earth, miraculous rebirth, he never came back to me


I never asked to watch him die

I felt the nails, and when the sword pierced his side

He was my child, he was my child