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Buy Your Copy of the Joni Mitchell Tribute CD Here!

People keep asking, so here is where you can get your copy of the Chicks With Dip tribute CD.

It's a re-imagining of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" album, as performed by:

Honor Finnegan, Allison Tartalia, Elisa Peimer, Sharon Goldman, Carolann Solebello, Victoria Lavington, Allison Scola, Anna Dagmar, Meg Braun, Karyn Oliver, Catherine Miles of The Yayas, and Cheryl Prashker

Also featured: Paul Silverman, Tom Prasada-Rao, and Jon Sobel

Produced and recorded by Jay Mafale of The Windup Shop

The Official Page for the Chicks With Dip Joni Mitchell Project

Rocky Mountain Song School

where I go to recharge and learn from the best songwriters out there and hang out with the amazing community that gathers there every August.


 a wonderful, supportive place to learn to hone the craft of songwriting in the Catskills

Matthew Flannery   (web photos)

Jayne Toohey  (CD photos, web photos)

Jim Colbert  (design for "Broken Places" and "Restless Moon")

Tom Prasada-Rao  (produced "Broken Places")